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Image by Nathan Dumlao


Gosmopolitan - Teaser
"Elle s'est allongée près de moi; les yeux fermés; en plein jour..."
- Alcina Ribeiro Hamdi
Jean-Noël Gos.png

When these soft words start to resonate in the silent concert hall you almost forget why you came here. Was it for music? For words? For friends? Or out of boredom and loneliness? You don't know anymore and you're here to... hear. You start to drift, rocked by the silky voice of Alcina, reading her poems. You're drifting farther away than what you expected and soon it is new sounds, new landscapes, new cities that you are seeing. Cities of imagination, built with music notes, streets haunted by sweet or sad memories, telling stories of friendship or loss; melodies running around the corner, trying to catch the train leading to the next piece. Welcome in the world of Gosmopolitan, in the mind of its composer Jean-Noël Gos, in the musical suite "Wanderings", the royal suite of our humble hotel.

Gosmopolitan is a crossover septet exploring the wonders of modern jazz and classical music, building cities of notes beyond the borders of genre.
Gosmopolitan is composed of Jean-Noël Gos - bass and composition - Guillaume Jacot - Violin - Julika Hasler - Cello - Noah Eiermann - Trumpet - Baptiste Stanek - Saxophones - Livia Marras - Piano - Max Liebenberg - Drums 

"Et puis elle a su ajuster l'âme aussi

En refusant au désert d'apprivoiser mon coeur"

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