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Glav, Kymotopia

Jean-Noël Gos - Guitar and composition

Joseph Bijon - Guitar

Kymotopia, a world of waves.



A very small universe where one could let oneself be carried away by waves of notes, like une barque sur l’Océan, to go and dream in music of an elsewhere full of promises. A utopia then? Perhaps a little, yes. But not only. Much more than a vague desire, Kymotopia is a torrent of ideas, a wave of emotions to be propagated, an ode to what vibrates. A resonating duo, made of strings and wood like Ravel's boat, which tells on guitars what happens along the water. And in the tumult of our daily lives, in the face of the storm, the duo of Joseph and Jean-Noël would like to take you on their makeshift raft, not to save you from the flood, but simply to go and listen to the raindrops falling.


Ysaye's Sonata 4, 1st Movement, arrangement J-N Gos

The friendship between Guillaume Jacot and Jean-Noël goes back a long time and this duo was obvious for the two musicians. A challenge certainly, as it aims to rearrange well-known solo violin pieces by adding a bass accompaniment with somewhat suprising sounds and harmonies!

More infos coming up soon!

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