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L'Emporte-Pièce is a french novel halfway between a story tale and an existential essay that binds the seven musical notes to the seven deadly sins. In a surrealistic world, a strange violin player creates seven music boxes, one per note, each containing a wonderful and dangerous melody that instills a sin. Nathan, a troubled young man looking for identity, will come across the box of envy and will fall in a cursed path to collect all the notes and listen to the ultimate melody that would sing all the sins.

Embruns d'Encre is a French travel notebook, that is part of the release of Kymotopia's Debut Album "A World Of Waves". Jean-Noël went in 2017 for six months in South Korea and wrote there a diary about his trip that is dedicated to his friends and his family. 

Written in three parts, the second part is a cycling trip through South Korea, from Seoul to Busan, that can be ordered with the CD "A World Of Waves". This cycling trip inspired three of the songs in the album, namely "Les Crues du Nakdong", "Han Gang" and "Refuge".

20 CHF

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